If you have a unique or exciting travel product, service or property, and would like to be in an upcoming eMagazine distributed to a worldwide audience of Travel Professionals (Travel Agents, Meeting Planners & Journalists) and US consumers (please take a look at our EXAMPLES for placement in our upcoming Africa, Mexico and Worldwide eMagazines, prices start from $150.00 UDS!), please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Q: Can I email the eMagazine?
Yes. The Travel eTV eMagazine has the instant ability to convert into an email to send to friends, family and customers (with unlimited use). A text message of any length can also be added. In the back of each eMagazine there is a "Send to a Friend" page, linking to a form. Click here and give it a try!

Q: How often is the eMagazine published?
A: A Travel eTV eMagazine issue is published quarterly, every 4 months or for 6 months (depending on the package you purchase), but DELIVERED to the traget markets every month (same eMagazine sent every month, per issue). Upon expiration, the eMagazine is redesigned with new features and with new/renewing advertisers.

Q: How will the Travel eTV Show benefit me?
The online Travel eTV Show will feature your destination and spotlight hotels/resorts, tours, airlines, restaurants, cruises, local color, etc.. We capture the true essence of each destination/property/service on video (HD), providing valuable interviews with hotel management, tour operators, restaurant owners, etc., detailed inspections of each property, samplings from spas and local restaurants, participating in local activities and tours, shopping in the local towns, etc.. Our professional crew will go in search of that which is extraordinary, unique to the destination and property, while incorporating a little "local color".

Once the show is produced, it is placed onto the Travel eTV site, AND onto our custom designed Travel eTV eMagazine, which is then delivered to 160,000 worldwide Travel Agents, 40,000 Meeting Planners, 17,500 Editors & Journalists and to 15 million US consumers every month (our USA consumer and global travel industry trade lists are 100% CAN SPAM compliant, generated from travel trade shows, seminars, conventions, surveys, etc.). The show is also archived on the www.TraveleTV.com web site indefinitely. Our objective is to produce a fabulous, extraordinary online video (high enough quality to be viewed on TV, if needed), unique and captivating. Motivating the viewer to go to this destination, stay at the featured properties, fly with our preferred carrier, and to partake of the activities, tours and restaurants.

Q: Can we use our Travel eTV video "segment" for our own marketing purposes?
Yes, you can have your own video "segment" (the portion of the Travel eTV show, dedicated to your property/service) to use for your own marketing materials. If you would like a more in-depth/lengthy video, we will take more footage and re-edit a new video specifically to your needs.

Q: What will my Travel eTV video "segment" include?
We will ask for you to submit a list of '"shots" to capture (infinity pool, spa, lobby, suite, outdoor restaurant, banquet facilities, kitchen, etc.), and we will combine them with with an interview with your management or spokes person. The final piece will result in an exciting, dynamic montage of property/service shots, music and inter-twined with an informative interview.

Q: How long will my "segment" be?
Your "segment" will be approximately 1-2 minutes long.

Q: How may options are there to participate?
8 options are available on a "destination" eMagaine. A line of text and a link, a full page banner, a 2-page banner, a mini-spotlight placement in the eMagazine with an image, detailed text/offer and a link to your web site, a 1/2 page ad, a full-page ad, a "Deluxe Spotlight" placement with a 2-page spread, custom eBrochure, placement on the cover, table of contents, map and inclusion in the eTV show and an option for the "Deluxe Spotlight" package without the Movie.

You can also participate in our other deluxe eMagazines: Luxury destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Worldwide Groups & Meetings, Pure SPA LuXURY and a "Top 100, Best of the Best" LUXURY eMagazine (offering exclusivity to ONE property per destination), or we can custom design an eMagazine for a hotel chain, individual resort, product, etc..

Q: What is included in the "Deluxe Spotlight" package?
Deluxe Package: Travel eTV eMagazine
- A 2-page spread in the eMagazine. Includes: editorial, photos, and your custom designed eBrochure/optional eMagazine (see Magazine Tutorial).
- Custom eBrochure: Includes a photo presentation, your video, link to your web site and the instant ability to convert to an email (as described above).You can also upgrade your eBrochure to a custom designed eMagazine. Here is an example: Pearl Beach Manihi: Please request prices based on the number of pages, videos, flash applets, etc..
- Placement on the eMagazine's Table of Contents, linking to your custom eBrochure and web site.
- Discounts on additional Mini-Spotlights (Meetings, Golf, Spa, Cruise, etc.): $500.00 per mini-spotlight (normally $1,299.00).
- Placement on the eMagazine for 3 months, delivered to 160,000 worldwide Travel Agents, 40,000 Meeting Planners, 17,500 Editors & Journalists and to 15 million US consumers consumers (165,000 of which make an annual income of $500,000.00 and above) every month, for 3 months.
- All Travel eTV videos are also placed on YouTube.com where the Travel eTV Show can be seen by 71 million unique worldwide users each month.

Q: Included in the "Deluxe Spotlight" package is a custom designed eBrochure. What does this consist of?
Your custom eBrochure Includes: An email creative linking to a full page image of your destination, tour, property or service, and a water reflecting or photo flipping flash applet. Also on this page, there are buttons linking to your web site, video (if one is available), and a photo presentation with your photos. The eBrochure also has the instant ability to convert to an email, allowing you to send the ENTIRE eBrochure to friends, family and customers with unlimited use. You can also add a personal text message of any length.  View the Benefits of using an eBrochure vs. Printed Brochures   

Once designed, this ebrochure is added to a page on the eMagazine with full functionality! A viewer can view your own video, view your photo presentation, visit your web site and instantly send your eBrochure directly from the eMagazine page to their friends, family and associates! Example: El Tamarindo

Custom eBrochure Examples: El Tamarindo eBrochure  Pearl Beach, Menihi  Air Tahiti Nui    Australia Tourism  
Oceania Cruises    SandalsPrincess Cruises  Railway Travel   Holland America  Morocco    Westin Casuarina

You can also upgrade your eBrochure to a custom eMagazine. Custom eMagazine example: Pearl Beach Manihi
Turtle Island, Fiji

Q: What do you need from me to custom design an eBrochure/eMagazine?
Simply email us your photos and logo, or provide us access to your online media center. If you have a video online, email the url, or mail us the CD/DVD (once received we will encode and host it). Once we have your photos, logo and optional video, we will do the rest!

Q: If I do not purchase the "Deluxe Spotlight" package and would like just the eMagazine, what will I receive?
A: You can purchase a 1/2 page ad, a full-page ad or the mini-spotlight which includes an logo/image, detailed text pertaining to your produce/offer, all 3 linking to your web site. The eMagazine is then delivered to 160,000 worldwide Travel Agents, 40,000 Meeting Planners, 17,500 Editors & Journalists and to 15 million US consumers (see Magazine Tutorial).

See a mini-spotlight example on page #13A: Travel eTV "Costalegre" eMagazine

Q: Are the listings, full page banner, 2-page banner, 1/2 page ad, a full-page ad or the mini-spotlight advertisers included in the Travel eTV Show (video)?
No. Just the "Deluxe Spotlight" package includes the Travel eTV Show.

Q: How many email addresses do you have in your lists?
 160,000 worldwide Travel Agents, 40,000 Meeting Planners, 17,500 Editors & Journalists and 15 million US consumers (165,000 of which have an annual income of $500,000.00+ per year). We also have 300,000+ worldwide travel suppliers of all types (combined).

Q: Can I advertise to ONLY one category/list (Travel Agents, for example), or am I bound by the structure of the packages available?
A: You CAN advertise to only one list, IF you purchase stand-alone campaigns (only your email creative and email marketing campaigns). If you are a part of the eMagazine campaign with other properties/services/products, then your marketing will go to all of the lists described in the package above. Call or email regarding individual email campaign quotes.

Q: Where did the lists come from?
Our lists are generated from travel trade shows, seminars, conventions, surveys, etc., and have been very effective in delivering traffic and conversion to our advertisers for 8 years. Our lists are regularly scrubbed for old, unused addresses, and continually updated with new email addresses.

Q: Are your lists can-spam compliant?
Yes, 100% CAN SPAM compliant

Q: Do you provide any type of reporting?
Yes. Every page of the eMagazine is tracked. Monthly reports can be sent to you indicating the number of clicks to the eMagazine, and to the individual pages and your offers.

Q: Can we change our offers on the eMagazine?
A: The actual text on the eMagazine cannot be updated, but the page it links to CAN be updated/modified on your end (on your own web site).

Q: What are the renewal fees?
Renewal fees are the same as the initial purchase price. We offer discounts on 12 month contracts




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