Canary Islands, July 21st, 2009   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

“When I returned from New York, I came with the intention of turning my native island into one of the more beautiful places in the planet, due to endless possibilities that Lanzarote had to offer.”

-Cesar Manrique

For those craving sunny days accompanied by a cultural infusion, the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands has much to offer. Lanzarote, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve filled with enchanting landscapes, is a place where art and nature merge.
The internationally-exhibited artist Cesar Manrique returned to his beloved Lanzarote, (Island of Volcanoes) to leave his imprint on its sustainable development and cultural heritage after a stint in Madrid and New York. Inspired by Picasso and Matisse, he became a pioneer in abstract art in Spain, but never forgot where he came from. Born in 1919, if Manrique were alive today, he would be 90 years old.  To honor the man and celebrate his visionary accomplishments, visitors are invited to explore Lazarote in his footsteps. View his “living art” in a cactus garden with over 1,000 varieties of succulents, his entertainment complex in the world’s longest lava tube (Jameos de Agua - Cesar Manrique), and his former home converted into an art foundation. Enroute to these highlights tourists may see his playful wind sculptures, stop to take in the magnificent views at his “mirador” viewpoints, dine on delicacies cooked on his volcanic grill in the National Park (featuring his logo) or marvel at his architecture.
North Americans may reach the Canary Islands with new flights from Miami, flying direct to Tenerife. From there, Lanzarote is a short flight away.

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