Everything you have spent thousands of dollars on already to advertise your services (photos, logos, web site, video, brochure copy, etc.) are now on a single eMagazine/eBrochure and can be delivered instantly, globally and for FREE! No more brochure/magazine printing costs, storage problems, postage fees and the snail-mail delays!

It is also well know that the vast majority of printed magazines/brochures are discarded before reaching the attendees home/office (from a trade show, for example). Believe me! Brochure/magazine recipients DO NOT like transporting and storing brochures and magazines. Once customers grow accustomed to receiving eBrochures/eMagazines electronically, and archiving them on their computers (indefinitely for future reference), they won't be picking-up paper magazines/brochures. And, how easy will it be to simply swipe an attendees badge, or ask for their business card, and when you return to your office, EMAIL them your eMagazines/eBrochures with your web site, photo presentation and video! NO MORE Trade Show Brochure/Magazine Transportation!

About eMagazines/eBrochures:
*NO MORE Printing Fees
*NO MORE Video CD Burning Fees (although you CAN burn your entire eMagazine or eBrochure onto a CD/DVD).
*NO MORE Envelope & Postage Fees
*NO MORE Brochure/Magazine Storage Hassles
*NO MORE Postal Service Delivery Delays
*NO MORE Trade Show Brochure/Magazine Transportation

eMagazines/eBrochures DO offer:
*Instant, FREE Delivery.
*Global, FREE Delivery.
*Pay ONCE, not EVERY Year.
*Unlimited eMagazine/eBrochure use, indefinitely.
*ZERO storage problems for You, your Customers or Trade Show attendees.
*ZERO transportation problems for YOU or the Trade Show attendees.
*eMagazines/eBrochures are archived on computers for simple, up-to-the-minute prices and future reference.
*eMagazines/eBrochures can be replied to Instantly.
*eMagazines/eBrochures can be simply forwarded to friends and associates by the customers you email them to.
*You can have music on your eMagazines/eBrochures.
*You can link your eMagazine/eBrochure from your existing web site.
*You can add a Newsletter Subscription page and begin building your own database!
*You can add a personal video greeting or your professionally produced video to your eMagazines/eBrochures.
*You can add a 307 x 268 or FULL SCREEN video to your eMagazines/eBrochures.
*You can add a Photo Presentation to your eMagazines/eBrochures.
*eMagazines/eBrochures can be tracked.
*Your services can be purchased from the eMagazine/eBrochure (if you have a booking engine on your web site).
*eMagazines/eBrochures cost a fraction of ONE year of printing and mailing costs!
*EVERYTHING you have already spent thousands on to market yourself: Photos, streaming video, web site, email, up-to-the-minute special offers, music, product specification sheet, 800 phone number, etc., are ALL a part of an eMagazines/eBrochures.
* Your eMagazine/eBrochure will never expire (it is linked to your web site, with up-to-the-minute offers and services)!
* NOTHING motivates the consmer more than actually SEEING your product/service in full color, streaming video!



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