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Travel eTV's eMagazine will take you on a visual journey to every corner of our planet Earth. Sit back and enjoy touring, from the most deluxe resorts in the world, to distant remote island hideaways. Wander through misty rainforests or endure a trek across the dry, sandy Sahara. Sway to the music of distant lands while enjoying their live entertainment and local cuisine. Only Travel eTV's eMagazine can take you there.

The Travel eTV eMagazine is ultra unique in its capabilities, a spectacular interactive "experience". Each page of the eMagazine is filled with the most cutting-edge technology, bringing to LIFE your destination, product or property, utilizing actual flipping pages, streaming video (your own or we can produce one for you), photo galleries and flash applets.

Travel eTV offers multiple options, ensuring the delivery of an awe inspiring product. We offer an incredible multi-functional, interactive custom designed eMagazine for anentire "specific" destination (Tourist Bureau's custom designed eMagazine), a single property or product, hotel chains, cruise lines, etc., or offer placement into our quarterly Worldwide eMagazine.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge marketing vehicle utilizing state-of-the-art technology, sure to impress and captivate consumers, one that will separate you from the competition, Travel eTV's eMagazines & Movies are for you! Nothing compares.

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Cancun's NFL Legends Retreat & Press Trip

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-160,000 worldwide Travel Agents. -40,000 Meeting Planners

-17,500 Editors & Journalists.

-5 million US consumers (165,000 of which make $500,000.00+ yearly). -Placed on THOUSANDS of travel feeds, blogs and social communitiy sites.

*We also place our videos/movies on TV.Coming Soon!

*All Travel eTV and customer videos are also placed on YouTube.com where they Travel eTV Show can be seen by 71 million unique worldwide users each month.

*eMagazine are designed as a "quarterly" eMagazine, but delivered every month (sent 3 times per issue) to each of our lists detailed above.

*eMagazines offer several advertising options (full page, 1/2 page, eBrochures, 2- page, banners, mini- spotlights, break-away eMagazines, etc.).

*We add videos, flash applets, photo galleries & links throughout the eMagazine.

*Our eMagazines have the instant ability to send as an email, with unlimited use.

*The eMagazine is tracked providing the total number of visitors who viewed the eMagazine and the number of clicks to the individual advertiser’s links.

*The eMagazine will stay intact indefinitely, providing unlimited use and viewing.

*Due to the incredible interactive functionality, cutting-edge technology and our graphically intensive look and feel, our eMagazine are read to the end, forwarded to friends, family and associates 10 times more often than regular email creatives, and they can be archived for future reference.

In today's worldwide economic woes, the travel industry is one of the hardest hit. In the ever-challenging attempt to drive traffic to a destination, property or service, these tough times require a "shift in thinking', the need to find that special something, a new strategy to separate
one from another in the pack.

Travel eTV's eMagazine understands this "thinking outside of the box" theory, and knows the power in new technology (providing unparalleled functionality), and novelty (ensuring sustained entertainment and interest in the product or destination), and delivered to a worldwide audience of target markets. Travel eTV's eMagazines are
unparalleled in the market today.

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REAL Resorts, Mexico

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With two Real Resorts in Cancun and three Real Resorts in Playa del Carmen, you have several exciting vacation options to select from. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape just for the two of you or a lively, fun-filled family getaway, Real Resorts
has just what you’re looking for!

Real Resorts believes you deserve the very best of everything when you choose a Cancun and Riviera Maya vacation. And so, with you in mind, they have created exceptional Real Resorts in Mexico, where your expectations of the ideal Cancun and Riviera Maya hotels are bound to be exceeded. Real Resorts offer comprehensive “All-Inclusive” vacations, and by taking care of all the little details, they take the worry out of your holiday so you can just relax and enjoy

RIU Resorts, Mexico

RIU Palace Riviera Maya

RIU Palace Pacifico

RIU Palace Las Americas

RIU Palace Cabo San Lucacas

Palace Resorts

Aventura Spa Palace

Isla Mujeres Palace


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We are producing "Playgrounds of the World" and "Off The Beaten Path" pilots for TV! Each show will convey
extraordinary experiences, local color, exotic wildlife and mystifying adventure, while also directing the viewer on where
to stay, what to do, and who to call to get you there.

This show is shot by a very experienced Director of Photography, and produced by an incredibly well established producer, both with years and years of experience working with the major networks. The host of the show is a nature biologist with many years of on-camera exposure and experience, providing extensive interaction with wildlife (of all kinds), any and all outdoor activity and sport, and anything from meeting with the medicine man in a remote African village, to sitting down to dinner with a president of a country (and everything in-between).

Stay tuned!

We also produce ONLINE Travel eTV Shows featuring your property, product or destination (spotlighting hotels/resorts, tours, airlines, restaurants, cruises, local color, etc.). We capture the true essence of each destination/property/service on video (HD), providing valuable interviews with hotel management, tour operators, restaurant owners, etc., detailed inspections of each property, samplings from spas and local restaurants, participating in local activities and tours, shopping in the local towns, etc.. Our professional crew will go in search of that which is extraordinary, unique to the destination and property, while incorporating a little "local color".
Once the show is produced, it is placed onto the Travel eTV site, AND onto our Travel eTV eMagazine, which is then delivered to worldwide Travel Agents, Meeting Planners, Editors & Journalists and to US consumers every month. It is also placed on YouTube.com where they Travel eTV Show can be seen by 71 million unique worldwide users each month. Our objective is to produce a fabulous, extraordinary online video (high enough quality to be viewed on TV, if needed), unique and captivating. Motivating the viewer to go to this destination, stay at the featured properties, fly with our preferred carrier, and to partake of the activities, tours and restaurants.


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